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J. Krishnamurti

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    Krishnamurti's thought is, according to him, summarized in his 1980 text "The Heart of the Teachings". He relies on his 1929 quote that "Truth is a pathless land." The acquisition of this "truth" (which he also called "the art of seeing") cannot, according to him, be done through any organization, any creed, any dogma, priest or ritual, nor any philosophy or psychological technique. She would be best known through the mirror of relationships and observing the contents of her own mind. Images, symbols, ideas, beliefs would all be obstacles and the cause of human difficulties. The perception of life would be conditioned by the concepts rooted in the mind. The individual would thus only be the superficial product of a culture. From this observation, a freedom can be glimpsed in the careful observation of one's own lack of freedom. Knowledge of the movement of one's own thoughts reveals slavery to the past, the division between the thinker and his own thought, the observer and the object of observation, the experiencer and his experience. When this division is resolved, "pure" observation, freed from time and conditioning, would bring about a radical mutation of the mind.