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Eric Baret

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Author and Yoga teacher in the non-dualistic tradition of Kashmiri Shaivism

    Having been with Jean Klein's teaching since the 1970s, Éric Baret shares his exploration of the non-dualistic tradition of Kashmiri Shaivism in informal meetings.

    During Interviews (questions and answers) where he tirelessly refers his listeners to the calm and patient observation of the feeling of their emotions, to LISTENING.
    The confusing but liberating vision that follows, that the origin of our fears and our suffering is imaginary, leads us to abandon our pretensions to always knowing and wanting.

    During Practice Seminars where Kashmiri Tantric Shaivism offers an extraordinary approach to the body and the breath. Everything is transparency, lightness, freedom.

    Far from the bodily voluntarism called "yoga" in the West, the âsanas and prânâyâmas, explored in the most concrete emptiness, regain their original creativity.

    Neither exoticism nor distraction, the strength of this vision reveals itself without limit: all aspects of our existence are radiated by it, from the approach of beauty to sexuality, from food to the exploration of the subtle body.

    Beginners accepted!

    You don't need to be a confirmed Yogi to discover the subtleties of this ancient art of living, which uses the body as a support for spiritual realization.

    No ideology here.

    Neither religious belief nor metaphysical debate.

    No psychological approach either, which always aims to change what is felt.

    Rather a sensory approach: to face what we feel, as we feel it, without leakage.

    These meetings are therefore not intended only for those who practice yoga to learn to sleep better or to relax, but to those who wish to live it with an intelligent sensitivity open to mysteries and for whom the feeling resonates. of a freedom long sensed but always rejected.